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Bandwidth units converter. Converts KB/s, Mbps etc. All known units of bandwidth in two different bases: 1000 and 1024.
Some facts

  • Bandwidth determines maximum amount of information (measured in bits, bytes or derived units), which can be transmitted in time unit (eg. seconds or minutes). Bandwidth term has sense wherever there is a flow of information (eg. via internet connection).
  • With the development of digital technology, it turned out that in some situations, it seems more natural to use units created over 1024 base (binary) instead of common SI units - created over 1000 base (decimal). However, many poeple still use SI units while they are thinking about binary equivalents. It's worth to say, that it's formally incorrect.
How to convert?
  • Enter the number to field "value" - enter the NUMBER only, no other words, symbols or unit names. You can use dot (.) or comma (,) to enter fractions.
    • 1000000
    • 123,23
    • 999.99999
  • Find and select your starting unit in field "unit". Some unit calculators have huge number of different units to select from - it's just how complicated our world is...
  • And... you got the result in the table below. You'll find several results for many different units - we show you all results we know at once. Just find the one you're looking for.
value: unit: decimals:

base units

kibi-bits per second [kib/s]
mebi-bits per second [Mib/s]
kibi-bytes per second [kiB/s]
mebi-bytes per second [MiB/s]

bits per second (base 1024)

bits per second [b/s]
kibi-bits per second [kib/s]
mebi-bits per second [Mib/s]
gibi-bits per second [Gib/s]
tebi-bits per second [Tib/s]
pebi-bits per second [Pib/s]

bits per minute (base 1024)

bits per minute [b/m]
kibi-bits per minute [kib/m]
mebi-bits per minute [Mib/m]
gibi-bits per minute [Gib/m]
tebi-bits per minute [Tib/m]
pebi-bits per minute [Pib/m]

bits per hour (base 1024)

bits per hour [b/h]
kibi-bits per hour [kib/h]
mebi-bits per hour [Mib/h]
gibi-bits per hour [Gib/h]
tebi-bits per hour [Tib/h]
pebi-bits per hour [Pib/h]

bits per day (base 1024)

bits per day [b/d]
kibi-bits per day [kib/d]
mebi-bits per day [Mib/d]
gibi-bits per day [Gib/d]
tebi-bits per day [Tib/d]
pebi-bits per day [Pib/d]

bytes per second (base 1024)

bytes per second [B/s]
kibi-bytes per second [kiB/s]
mebi-bytes per second [MiB/s]
gibi-bytes per second [GiB/s]
tebi-bytes per second [TiB/s]
pebi-bytes per second [PiB/s]

bytes per minute (base 1024)

bytes per minute [B/m]
kibi-bytes per minute [kiB/m]
mebi-bytes per minute [MiB/m]
gibi-bytes per minute [GiB/m]
tebi-bytes per minute [TiB/m]
pebi-bytes per minute [PiB/m]

bytes per hour (base 1024)

bytes per hour [B/h]
kibi-bytes per hour [kiB/h]
mebi-bytes per hour [MiB/h]
gibi-bytes per hour [GiB/h]
tebi-bytes per hour [TiB/h]
pebi-bytes per hour [PiB/h]

bytes per day (base 1024)

bytes per day [B/d]
kibi-bytes per day [kiB/d]
mebi-bytes per day [MiB/d]
gibi-bytes per day [GiB/d]
tebi-bytes per day [TiB/d]
pebi-bytes per day [PiB/d]

bits per second (base 1000)

bits per second [bps]
kilo-bits per second [kbps]
mega-bits per second [Mbps]
giga-bits per second [Gbps]
tera-bits per second [Tbps]
peta-bits per second [Pbps]

bits per minute (base 1000)

bits per minute [b/m]
kilo-bits per minute [kb/m]
mega-bits per minute [Mb/m]
giga-bits per minute [Gb/m]
tera-bits per minute [Tb/m]
peta-bits per minute [Pb/m]

bits per hour (base 1000)

bits per hour [b/h]
kilo-bits per hour [kb/h]
mega-bits per hour [Mb/h]
giga-bits per hour [Gb/h]
tera-bits per hour [Tb/h]
peta-bits per hour [Pb/h]

bits per day (base 1000)

bits per day [b/d]
kilo-bits per day [kb/d]
mega-bits per day [Mb/d]
giga-bits per day [Gb/d]
tera-bits per day [Tb/d]
peta-bits per day [Pb/d]

bytes per second (base 1000)

bytes per second [B/s]
kilo-bytes per second [kB/s]
mega-bytes per second [MB/s]
giga-bytes per second [GB/s]
tera-bytes per second [TB/s]
peta-bytes per second [PB/s]

bytes per minute (base 1000)

bytes per minute [B/m]
kilo-bytes per minute [kB/m]
mega-bytes per minute [MB/m]
giga-bytes per minute [GB/m]
tera-bytes per minute [TB/m]
peta-bytes per minute [PB/m]

bytes per hour (base 1000)

bytes per hour [B/h]
kilo-bytes per hour [kB/h]
mega-bytes per hour [MB/h]
giga-bytes per hour [GB/h]
tera-bytes per hour [TB/h]
peta-bytes per hour [PB/h]

bytes per day (base 1000)

bytes per day [B/d]
kilo-bytes per day [kB/d]
mega-bytes per day [MB/d]
giga-bytes per day [GB/d]
tera-bytes per day [TB/d]
peta-bytes per day [PB/d]

other units

CD drive speed [xCD]
DVD drive speed [xDVD]
Blu-ray drive speed [xBD]
ISA bus speed [ISA]
PCI bus speed [PCI]
PCI v2.1 bus speed [PCIv2]
AGP x1 bus speed [AGPx1]
AGP x2 bus speed [AGPx2]
AGP x4 bus speed [AGPx4]
AGP x8 bus speed [AGPx8]
PCI-express bus speed [PCIe]