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Cost of electricity
Online calculator of electric energy cost. First you set the price for a 1kWh (one kilo-watt). Then you specify all the electric devices you use, and how much of time they are used daily. The calculator computes the yearly, montly and daily usage of an electric energy, and its overall cost... This can be used for household computation, but also for any business costs estimation.
How to use this tool
To find out the energy cost:

  • Enter the cost of 1 kWh of electric energy. This is exact price of energy you pay every month to you electric energy provider.
    The best way to find the real energy cost: try finding your last energy invoice and find the "price for 1 kWh".
  • Specify all electric devices
    You can click on "Click here to add one simple device" in the calculator - then enter the nominal electric power of the device, and the average time that this device is turned on every day.
    You can also use some shorcuts below - we prepared a list of frequently used devices in a typical household. Just click "washing machine", and the typical washing machine will be added. Of course, you can adjust the power consumption and time of daily usage for the particular device.
  • The results #1 - in the table, next to the specified devices, you can find the cost and the energy usage by daily, montly and annual scale.
  • The results #2 - below the "shortcut devices", you can find the resulting table in a more "compact" format. This also displays costs by year, month and day usage.
  • results #1 and results #2 are the computed the same way, the only difference is they are displayed in a different manner.
The cost of power
Cost of 1 kWh$ / € / any other

Changes history
2013.08.31 BUG FIX: Change of "cost of 1KWh" was not working. The calculator was simply ignoring entered value. It is FIXED now.