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  New calculla released ! Please go to calculla.com for the calculla v2. It's better, faster, more beautiful, redone for you in most modern technologies.
  Two cars related tables released today: Tire codes - speed ratings and Tire codes - load index
  This time 3 new calculators for fractions: Fractions: adding and subtracting, Fractions: 4 operations and Fractions: inverse (reciprocal). Each of them shows all sub-steps needed to compute common denominators, create improper fraction (if needed), reduce the fraction etc.

Fraction explorer - it displays info related to given fraction. Simply enter a fraction and get equal proper fraction, improper (top-heavy) fraction and simplified fraction. Displays also numerator and denominator factors.
Some facts
  • Fractions let you express part of a whole, eg. half of the cake can be written as 1/2, and a quarter of chocolate as a 1/4.
  • Fractions consists of two numbers separated by a hyphen. Number listed above the line is called numerator, and under line denominator.
  • Fractions where numerator is greater than denominator e.g. 5/4 are correct too. These type of fractions represent number greater than one. They are called improper fractions or heavy top fractions.
  • Fractions with numerator less than denominator e.g. 1/2 are called proper fractions.
  • Fraction slash can be replaced by a division sign.

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