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Is ID Number Correct
The online calculator for checking correctness of ID numbers. It validates: IBAN (bank account number), EAN (article), ISBN (book), ISMN (music), ISSN (serial). Just enter the code (with or without any dots, spaces, slashes etc.) and in a moment you will know, if it is a valid code and which one of them.
What is the meaning of each calculator field ?
Numbers and codes recognized by this calculator:
  • IBAN - International Bank Account Number - international standard of code for uniquelly identifying bank account. It consists of:
    • country code - two character ISO country code,
    • checksum code - two ciphers representing the check digits calculated from the rest of the IBAN number,
    • bank account number - also called BBAN (Basic Bank Account Number), which contains up to 30 alphanumeric characters for the domestic bank account number. Each country decides on its own, what is the fixed length of the BBAN in this country. All BBANs in a particular country must have exactly the same length.
  • ISBN - International Standard Book Number - can be 10 characters (ISBN10 - up to end of 2006) or 13 characters (ISBN13 - starting from 2007)
  • ISMN - International Standard Music Number - can be 10 characters (ISMN10 - up to end of 2006) or 13 characters (ISMN13 - starting from 2007)
  • ISSN - International Standard Serial Number
  • EAN - European Article Number - can be EAN8 or EAN13
How to use this tool
  • 1. Simply enter the full number or code you want to check or detect. You can also paste it.
    You can enter any dots, dashes, commas, whitespaces etc. This calculator will just ignore them. It will consider only characters meaningful for the detection process.
  • 2. The calcullator detects automagically what kind of number it is. And reports "FOUND !" in row of IBAN, ISBN, ISSN or EAN - this means the number (or code) is correct.
  • 3. There is also "plain code" row, where you can find the plain number - all non-meaningful characters are filtered-out.
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