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Mass(weight) units converter - converts units between metric(tons, kilograms, etc.), Avoirdupois/US(pounds, ounces) and troy systems
Some facts
  • The mass is a measure of the amount of substance.
  • The mass conception is closely related to the concept of inertia. This is a feature of material objects, which basically means that the body once set in motion retains its speed as long as it will not work on any external forces.
  • The mass of body also determines the gravitation force. Any two bodies interact with force directly proportional to the product of their masses.
  • There are objects without mass for example photons.
  • In the first half of the twentieth century, Einstein created theory saying there is equivalence of mass and energy. This theory is related to one of the most famous physical formulas: E = mc2. The theory has been confirmed experimentally and succesfully applied to create nucler power plant and nuclear weapon. In both cases the energy is "created", while loss of mass is noticed. In other words, the mass is converted into energy.
How to convert?
  • Enter the number to field "value" - enter the NUMBER only, no other words, symbols or unit names. You can use dot (.) or comma (,) to enter fractions.
    • 1000000
    • 123,23
    • 999.99999
  • Find and select your starting unit in field "unit". Some unit calculators have huge number of different units to select from - it's just how complicated our world is...
  • And... you got the result in the table below. You'll find several results for many different units - we show you all results we know at once. Just find the one you're looking for.
value: unit: decimals:


kilotony (gigagramy) [kton, Gg]
tony (megagramy) [ton, Mg]
kwintal [q]
kilonewtony [kN]
kilogramy [kg]
hektogramy [hg]
dekagram [dag]
gramy [g]
karaty [ct]
centygramy [cg]
miligramy [mg]
mikrogramy [µg]
nanogramy [ng]
jednostka masy atomowej [u]

Avoirdupois, U.S.

tona długa [ton]
tona krótka [sh tn]
duży cetnar [cwt]
mały cetnar [sh cwt]
kamień [st]
funt [lb av]
uncja [oz av]
dram [dr av]
gran [gr]

troy i apteczny

funt [lb t]
uncja [oz t]
dram [dr t]
pennyweight [dwt, pwt]
scruple [s ap]
karat [kt]
gran [gr]
mass · weight

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