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State pension age
Calculator checks when you can retire.
Some facts

  • Currently, it is believed that the first prototype of pension systems is derived from the military. Legionaries in ancient Rome after serving 20 years (including 4 years as reservists) received a briefing or land received the conquered people. Over time, this system became a regular provision of approx. 66-75% salary worker. However, the system still concerned only former soldiers.
  • Retirement meant for civilians appeared in the nineteenth century. The creator of the first universal pension system is considered to Otto von Bismarck, who in 1880 in order - to gain the favor of the workers - introduced guaranteed by the state pension for all insured employees, who have completed 70 years. Such a system roughly resemble already known to us pension systems.
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State pensino age in Poland

  • Currently (as for May 2005), state pension age in the Poland depends on sex and date of birth.
  • The reason of above fact are pension acts, that systematically equaled the retirement age for men and women and also increased it to 67 years.
  • Women state pension in Poland is:
    • 60 years for womans born before 1953 year,
    • 67 years for womans born after 1973 year,
    • The intermediate between 60 and 67 years computed with special algorithm for womans born in 1953-1973 years.

  • Men state pension age is:
    • 65 years for men born before 1948 year,
    • 67 years for men born in 1953 or later,
    • The intermediate between 65 and 67 years computed with special algorithm for men born in 1948-1953 years.

State pension age in United Kingdom (UK)

  • State pension age in United Kingdom (UK) is regulated (as of May 2015) by four Pension Acts: from 1995, 2007, 2011 i 2014 year.
  • Each Pension Act systematically increases retirement age and/or compensate it for men and women.
  • Today teens in UK will retire after 68 years of age (no matter are they men or woman).
  • Changes introduced by another Pension Acts:

    • Pensions Act 1995: a gradual increase in the retirement age for women from 60 to 63 years. It applies to people born between 6 April 1950 and 5 April 1953.
    • Pension Act 2007: a gradual increase in retirement age, so as to ultimately reach the age of 68 years (women and men) in the 2046.
    • Pension Act 2011: acceleration retirement age to 65 years (women) and 66 (men). Implicated people born between 6 April 1953 and 5 April 1960.
    • Pension Act 2014: one more acceleration retirement age from 66 to 67 years (women and men). It applies to people born between 6 April 1960 and 5 April 1977.

State pension age in United States (USA)

  • The basic old-age pension guaranteed by the state comes from government organizations Social Security (SS).
  • Citizens are entitled to benefits paid by Social Security after working for at least 10 years, during which herded pension contributions to this fund.
  • There is no different do you man or women. The state pension age in Social Security is independ on sex.
  • Currently (as of May 2015) state pension age in United States (USA) depends on date of birth as below::
    • 65 years for poeple born in 1937 or earlier,
    • 67 years for poeple born in 1960 or later,
    • an intermediate value between 65 and 67 years calculated by a special algorithm for people born in the 1938-1959 years.

State pension age in the world

  • The retirement age is different in different regions of the world. Each country has own retirement system.
  • In many countries it has matter do you man or woman, when going to compute your state pension age. However this trend is fading in recent years.
  • State pension age in the world is very diverse. There are countries, where retirement age is only 50 years like Chinese (womans only). On the other side there are countries, where state pension age is as high as 68 years like in United Kingdom (UK).
  • In recent years, we can observe the phenomenon of systematically raising the retirement age in the world.
What is the meaning of each calculator field ?
  • Your date of birth - it is simply the date, when you were born. It is a base for all further calculactions.
  • Sex - the way, how state pension age is computed depends on gender in most countries. Basing on this field, Calculla can choose proper algorithm depending on whether you are male or female.
  • Your region - state pension age is different in different regions of the world. Calculla uses this field to adjust your state pension age to place, where you live.
  • Now is - it is simply current time and date.
  • Retire date - this is earliest possible date, when you will can retire
  • Your state pension age - this is your age in the moment, when you will retire
  • Time to retire - this fields says how many years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds left to day, when you will can retire

  • Time you already lived - it is a total time from your birth to now calculated in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. In other words it is your current age.
  • Your zodiac sign - it is astrological zodiac sign assigned to your date of birth.
  • Time to your birthday - it is number of monts, days, hours, minutes and seconds left to your next birthday. This field is computed basing on date of birth, which you put in the form.
  • So far sleep - this fields shows how much time have you aproximately spent slepping in your whole life. In other words it is the sum of slept hours from your birth to today.
Your date of birth
Your region