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Add numbers (columnar addition)
Calculator to add numbers. It displays the sum of any given numbers. It also displays columnar addition of these numbers, the carrying (regrouping), partial sums etc. Can be useful for primary school students (learning how to do columnar addition), for financial operations (can be set up to display dollar/cent format) and... for any other addition related purpose.
What is this for
  • Students, schools, education - to learn how to do some math, to help solving exercises. How to add many numbers or do columnar addition. What is carry, and what are sums for each column independently.
  • Financial operations, counting money, bills etc. - do fast and easily some currency related operations. Given numbers and results can be easily displayed in dollar/cent format (like 1000.00, 1234.56, etc)
  • Computer science addition - hexadecimal and binary addition is now really easy...
  • Just adding of multiple numbers. This can be done even if the numbers are part of some text (they are easily extracted).
How to use this tool
  • To add some numbers (two or more), put all of them into the window below.
  • You can put numbers in any form you want. You can separate them with the commas, the Enter key or space... You can even put some text with many numbers inside of it.
    This calculator will look through text you entered and extract all numbers it is able to find.
  • To put decimal fractions, just use comma (,) or dot (.)
  • You can enter as big numbers as you want. You got 200 digits ? No problem...
    The numbers can be also very very small. Enter 0,00000000... and 100 more zeros - works perfectly !
    You can add 0.00002 to a hundred of trilions - the precision is not limited

Input your numbers here:


popular sets (click to use): primary school student, simple addition, financial (cash counting), show me all you got

view setup
show carryyes
show single-column addition result
carry included
show single-column addition result
carry not included
cipher manipulation
fill with zeros up tociphers after comma
consider onlyciphers after the comma
computer related
number base16 (hex)
10 (dec)
8 (oct)
2 (bin)

Addition result:

Columnar addition: