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  New calculla released ! Please go to calculla.com for the calculla v2. It's better, faster, more beautiful, redone for you in most modern technologies.
  Two cars related tables released today: Tire codes - speed ratings and Tire codes - load index
  This time 3 new calculators for fractions: Fractions: adding and subtracting, Fractions: 4 operations and Fractions: inverse (reciprocal). Each of them shows all sub-steps needed to compute common denominators, create improper fraction (if needed), reduce the fraction etc.
  You love it or you hate it. You understand it or don't have a clue. Percents, percentage is a powerful tool to say about part of something. We made the Percentage calculator to make your life easier.

  New calculator of Compound Interest: It computes the future value of your deposit/investment assuming any interest you'll get every year, you'll just add to existing capital. This way the "compount interest" is being created. This calculator has a little bit similar idea to When I'll be Millionaire calculator we released couple of weeks ago.

  New calculator in finance section, but less serious this time: The Millionaire Calculator. We wish you to gather your first million quick&fast, doesn't matter if the million comes with Dollars, Euros, Pounds or Zlotys (hopefully not Zimbabwe Dollars).

  New calculator for electronic engineering: Resistor colors calculator.

  Update: The IP subnets Calculator has been rewritten ! This was the last old-tech calculator done in server-side. Now it's pure client-side - no more website reloads, so works faster !

  We've released two simple tables with unit prefixes (like kilo, mega, micro, etc.): the SI prefixes table and similar one for IT purposes the binary prefixes table.
Also one more IT calculator added: calculator of bandwidth (internet connection bandwidth) - it supports even exotic units of bandwidth like peta-bytes per day.
A small celebration for us: we've just crossed 50 working calculators ! Next milestone is 100 - stay with us !

  The new simple physics tool: calculator of velocity-distance-time formula. We also extended Data Storage Units calculator to include some common storage media (CD/DVD).

  We've created a quick-reference MTU values table.

  Now something for astrology - the Chinese zodiac calculator

  Some economy - the Electric Energy Calculator.

  The first calculator related to health: BMI calculator. Do not eat too much :P

  Codes used for banking (IBAN), serial numbers (ISSN), EAN, ISBN, etc. can be easily checked, if they are provided without of mistake. We made the calculator for veryfing these codes: online verifyier of identification codes.

  Some math solver: Fractions explorer. Simplify a fraction in a moment !

  We made something simple (simple, but very useful): Addition calculator. Displays results as for primary school - in columns (columnar addition). Small trick: it can extract numbers from given text !

  Money again... This time something about saving: Deposit interest calculator. Income is your friend...

  A little bit of geometry: Angle units converter. Degree, radian, mil and more...

  Financial one: Loan calc. The worst thing for a loan - it's always hard to pay off the one than to raise it.

  Power units converter is ready. Converts watts, horsepower, calorie per second and many more...

  Computer related tool ascii-2-hex converter added to site. Allows for conversion of given text into numbers - includes many formatting options.

  Very small thing: the multiplication table added to site.

  The units of temperature converter is online now. Converts easily Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit and some more.

  Next one ready: the cost-of-area calculator.

  We got GCD, so the twin time: Least Common Multiple - solve it, divide it, factorize it !

  One more math problem - a Greatest Common Divisor calculator. Solves GCD for given numbers, but also displays prime dividers (in a school-like way). And it takes up to three numbers !

  Now a math problem solve - a prime number calculator. Tells you if the number is prime. If not, what are prime factors? What are results of dividing by prime factors ? What is next/previous prime number ? All of those answered here.

  Energy units converter done. Converts joules, calories, many physical, british, american and time related units!

  Area units converter ready. Converts square meters, square foots, acres, hectars and about 50 other units!

  Data storage units converter is now working. Bits, bytes, megabytes, nibbles, quads - all of them fully convertable.

  Volume units converter is on. More than 110 different units included!

  Taxes - everybody like taxes ;) The VAT calculator is ready to convert net/gross prices for you, as well as computing the tax value itself.

  Speed Converter is completed now ! Miles per hour, kilometeres per second, machs, knots - and much more... Ready !

  First physics calculator has been added. Momentum calculator is completed!

  IP address/subnet/network calculator has been completed.

  The mass units converter completed - more than 30 units included.

  News system started. All changes/improvements on site will be notified here.

  The length units converter is ready. It is able to convert the length in more than 20 different units.