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Millionaire calculator
Calculator simulates raising your first million by systematic saving.
Some facts

  • Inflation is one of main phenomenas working against you, when going to save your money. Formally, inflation is defined as decrease of purchasing power of money. Consumers see this as rising prizes. Because prize grows up, people can buy less for the same money. Due to inflation, the real value of your million will be smaller, when you'll reach your goal.

  • Another difficulty is taxes. Unfortunately for investors, income from capital investments are taxed in most countries. It generally means that, if you earn some money - for example using bank deposit or bonds - then you probably need to give some of the profits to the taxman.
How to use this tool
Simply fill form below and calculla will perform the simulation of your capital growth in time according to given parameters.
This calculator assumes below rules:

  • You have got some saved (and invested) money at the beginning (see field 'how much you already saved'). However, don't worry if you have no savings yet. You still can be the millionaire. In this case please set related field to 0.

  • In each month:

    • You save some amount of money. These amounts cumulates themself increasing your total capital.
    • All your savings are continously invested (see field 'expected rate of return'). Income from investing is an additional source of money for you. The simplest form of investing are bank deposits (see also deposit calculator).
    • Income from investing is decreased by tax (see field 'tax rate').
Your age when you want to reach million
How much you already saved
How much can you save each month
Expected rate of return [%]
Tax rate [%]
Annual inflation (expected) [%]